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GCCF Cat Show Padded White Bed

GCCF Cat Show Padded White Bed

£ 5.00

GCCF Cat Show Padded White Bed

Premium double thickness brilliant white show padded beds are perfect for GCCF cat shows. This white cat show beds will fit single or double pens.


Made with a warm, lightweight, soft fleece fabric with premium thick wadding ensuring your cat will be comfortable at the show. Without distinctive marking or edging.

These are professionally seamed padded beds to be used alongside the rest of your GCCF show white kit.

  • Fits standard GCCF double or single pen
  • Made with premium polar fleece
  • Padded using polyester 1 inch thick wadding
  • Professionally seamed and will not fray
  • Will machine wash without any pilling
  • Tumble dryer safe

These beds have thick wadding inside so they give you extra comfort for your cats.


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